https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PdUHT2jpKE We may be on hold for interviews and reviews for the time being. However we shall be uploading videos to our youtube channel. And who knows, maybe every now and then release a new episode thanks to our new podcast hosting platform.

Schemewolf Comics and Entertainment’s first issue of Murderman: The Dealer of Death Comic FREE for Limited time!

A 100-page graphic novel that's a satire of horror and the toxic masculinity of the 80s and 90s Pop culture! Phoenix, Arizona USA - November 11th-  Schemewolf comics and entertainment has made the first issue of Murderman: The Dealer of Death free on their website www.schemewolfcomics.com until the end of their kickstarter campaign. Labeled an “extreme” graphic... Continue Reading →

Full Short Film and Review: ACM Official’s Pumpkin Man co-written by Jed Brian, Sound Mixing by Yew! Starring Brooklyn Robinson, Noelani Pese, Milla Kessler & Rodney Brewster III!

If you are on a Halloween movie binge, and we hope you are, here's a great FREE horror short film by ACM Official that's co-written by The Unlisted Owner fame Jed Brian! Our thoughts- The three leading ladies are playing trick-or-treat and that is when one of them smashes a Jack-o-Lantern before midnight which causes... Continue Reading →

Interview: Brandon Perlow – Founder of New Paradigm Studios Behind the Werewoofs Horror Comic!

Today we chat with Brandon Perlow, the founder of New Paradigm Studios and who has worked in the visual effects industry since 1996. Brandon has worked on movies such as “X-Men”, “X-Men2“, “2Fast and 2Furious”, “Apocolypto”, Zodiac” and“Enter Whitespace”. Brandon has also worked on many commercials, including the bronze clio winner for “Amp” energy drink.... Continue Reading →

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