A unique Killer Clown Horror Film “KILL GIGGLES” needs your support on the IndieGoGo Crowdfunding platform!

Written, directed & produced by Jaysen P. Buterin and to be distributed by Mad Ones Films, starring Michael Ray WilliamsEllie Church & many rising talents as well as celebrity cameos, Kill Giggles is a unique tale of a serial killer of clowns, the story of Tommy dos Santos, who wasn’t born a psychopath, but he wasn’t made a sociopath either.

The days of clowns frightening people are over! Now the clowns are the prey—running for their lives from a killer who won’t stop until every single one of them is dead. As his body count rises, Tommy finds himself getting closer to what he thought was a ghost, the clown king once known as “Giggles,” and wonders… If laughter can’t die, how about Giggles?

Here’s the teaser trailer which is an award winning proof-of-concept  for Kill Giggles:-

Here’s a message for you from the writer & director, Mr. Jaysen Buterin about the movie’s IndieGoGo campaign:-

The Cast, the Clowns and the Celebrities are:-

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, Kill Giggles horror movie’s investment part is over and it has entered the promotional part which will help fund the movie so that the production value and scale can be improved further when the filming will start in June 2019. You, as a backer of this movie, can receive rewards on IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform, depending on the perk you choose.
The campaign includes some thematically appropriate perks such as an autographed (inflatable) Bozo the Clown doll that was snagged within an hour, Kill Giggles-branded clown noses, a custom clown-a-gram, walk-on roles, and “Photo Roulette” where a disposable camera left on set every day will document the making of movie magic. After the film is completed the camera will be mailed to the backer along with a clown nose and signed DVD. The campaign can be found at: https://igg.me/at/killgiggles

Here’s the full link for IndieGoGo page for Kill Giggles horror film which has all the information about the film and rewards for backing the project:-

For more information on Kill Giggles, please visit:-

Official website:www.killgiggles.com 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KillGiggles.

IMDb Page:- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8998598/

Mad One Films website:-

Mad One Films Twitter:-

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