“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch #5” – Comic Review

It all ends here… no, like, for real. The end of humanity as we know it. It begins in the Antelope Valley, and will soon spread into Los Angeles, from there… the rest of the planet.

Unless an ex-cop who hasn’t fired a gun in 15 years can muster up the strength to step into the most dangerous place on Earth, facing the most hideous creatures imaginable, lining up a desperate long shot — praying her hand doesn’t TWITCH…

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Richard P. Clark
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Cover art by Tim Bradstreet



This is the end, and how we learn how they got into peoples minds. The older they are, the easier it is to manipulate them. It seems Officer Pinkerton is dealing with a battle inside of his own mind, possibly fighting back to regain control. It also seems whomever is in control of this hive mind, is making her see Josh. But is it really him? We know in Twitch #3 Officer Pinkerton did what Marisa was told. Destroy his brain.

Officer Pinkerton and his wife find safety, well safe for now, but for how long? Ronnie sang a tune that he used to sing their two boys at night. While his wife remembers, the two boys are still out there. They also established a plan from Ronnie, he mentions since Josh wasn’t the key, Dr Zelazny was the cause of it all. That’s how they end what has been started, it’s nearly the end of the world, but the comic series seems to only focus one state. If it is the end of the world, could ending Dr. Zelazny be the key to end it all for good?

Sample page from Tales of Science Fiction Twitch Issue #5

The finale is what you would want, a leading female role that kicks ass and saved the world. And she didn’t have superpowers. I really enjoyed Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch, it gave us the right amount of action, twists and turns, while having a good time reading through the entire series. And everyone who worked on this series deserves an applause. Duane Swierczynski who wrote the five issue series, Richard Clark who designed the artwork, Janice Chiang for making the dialogues come to life. And lastly John Carpenter for creating Tales of Science Fiction universe, finally Sandy King Carpenter for editing.

After reading the final page, I really wonder if Twitch could continue in a whole new different way. Sadly I don’t see that happening. I really enjoyed all the characters, I definitely felt bad for Josh. He tried to end it by taking him out of the equation, and sadly it wasn’t him that would end this. But how did it end? Well I guess you’ll have to find out, because Tales of Science Fiction Twitch #5 leaves you with a twist.

“Refreshing story. With a Twist.”

Tales of Science Fiction: Twitch Issue #5 SIGNED by Richard Clark

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