“John Carpenters: Tales of Science Fiction: Surviving Nuclear Attack #3” – Comic Review

Over sixty years ago, the Archonite Initiative studied the effects of stress and loss upon potential survivors of a nuclear war. Underground, in the dark, and believing they could well be the last humans left alive, the Kutter Family would experience sensory manipulation and divisions in their ranks which would eventually tear them apart. But as the manipulations and machinations of this supposedly abandoned Cold War-era simulator are revealed, Donnie, Keith and the others begin to lose their patience, their minds and their lives.

Released today. This brand new story has five parts, before getting a trade back. Published by Storm King Comics.

Written by Joe Harris
Art by Cat Staggs
Letters By Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Covers by Cat Staggs
Series created by John Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter


We finally get that flashback, Sept 1955. Where Bobby and Emily were part of the original Fallout Shelter crew, which now sit forever in their chair tombs. We also get glimpses of specific areas just like where our main characters are investigating in present time. It seems no matter what seems to happen, everyone is now starting to lose their minds. Slowly but aggressively.

Keith, losing his mind within. Takes out the speakers which tell of the stories that happen outside, which didn’t seem to be such a great idea. Not only does it seem they lost a way to know what’s happening outside, they lost everything else. Air supply, a way to breath, now lost. Which can lead to everyone’s deaths, all because Keith couldn’t keep his shit together. Flashbacks begin to start again, leading up to the sample pages below.



Being in a “spacey” area with people can make you start losing yourself, everyone is an enemy. No one can be trusted, and accidents tend to happen. Now since I mentioned Bobby and Emily could possibly be from the original crew, I’m also now going to suggest that by the end of Issue 3. We aren’t dealing with *radio breaking* ality……. ore….

Issue three shows off yet again some awesome pages, like I mentioned in review of issue one, where some of the dialogue boxes of one scene is basically getting it’s own unique back drop. Like during one of the flashbacks, it’s Bobby talking with like a reddish forested area. The action is starting to pick up and possibly will hit full speed in the next issue to come to lead into the grand finale of surviving this nuclear attack.

“Makes you want the next issue right now.”

Cover Art of Issue #3

Issue #4 September 25th.

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