Trick or Treat Picture Show Horror Anthology Review: The best way to treat your drive-in nostalgia & prepare for Halloween!

Very few movies cater to the nostalgia for a particular thing in a proper way and recreating a drive-in experience is not that simple. As we all know, the drive-in theaters across the US have been largely closed due to the changing times and perhaps due to the TV and now the Internet. If you ever felt like watching a movie at a drive-in theater without spending too much at some amusement park, watching this movie anthology is the best way to get the satisfaction of watching a drive-in horror show.

Directed and written by Anthony Ashmore with a talented cast & crew, this anthology is like a true nostalgia filled show featuring drive-in theater style food commercials, public service announcements, some great thrilling slasher tales, and creepy interviews about paranormal realm. It was a pleasure to listen to the 80s inspired music featured throughout the movie and there’s a sweet bonus for those who want a refresher in “How to Throw a Halloween Party” with some quick food recipes and decoration tutorials!

This spoiler-free review tries to give you a glimpse into this show and tells you why you should check it out.

Official Trailer:

Official Synopsis:

An Old VHS Recording of a 1980’s Inspired Horror Anthology. Director Tony Ashmore Presents a 35mm Halloween Treat. Includes: Two Slasher Films, Two Paranormal Documentaries, A Series of Vintage Drive-In Advertisements, Original Analog Synthwave, Halloween Party Recipes & Grindhouse Trailers. A nostalgic, Low Resolution Halloween experience for Children of The 80’s. Perfect for Halloween Parties.

Spoiler-Free Review:

 The anthology has a theme of being the authentic film reel with some projector effect we used to see in old theaters. The different nature of each story and clip is what makes this movie like an assorted collection of horror tales that are full of surprises and never dull due to new unrelated characters and their stories every time.  They are very thrilling and you can actually feel the fear of the protagonists in them. Some short films seem to have an odd ending or end without one, which might be to keep the excitement on and not have a feeling of a dull or sadistic ending for each one. You have to keep in mind that this show is trying to give you the feelings of thrill, nostalgia and get you in the Halloween mood. You are not in this for the story and despite that, the character development was pretty good.

 There are some “Coming Soon” short clips that are very frightening despite not featuring a single human being. The music and some creepy noises are genuinely unsettling without being too cliché or annoying. I feel like they are either mimicking the future film release ads in the theater or hopefully, hinting us about ‘Trick or Treat Show 2 tales’.

 The interviews or the documentaries featuring some interesting young people seem like boring at first but as the questions get creepier answers, you start to feel interested in knowing more about the stories being told by the interviewees. They have some advice for people interested in paranormal studies or occult. It made me ask myself, “Could these interviews be of real people with real experience in paranormal giving out real info under the alias?” It felt strangely realistic, especially after the mention of the real life haunted place of Amityville Haunted House. If they were indeed scripted, the acting, writing and dialogues are so good that it all feels hauntingly real.

 There are many recipes and some decorations ideas given in a cool way. The photo below features just 3 of many cool looking creepy recipes perfect for the Halloween night! Besides memorable short films, and documentaries, adding useful things like these makes such anthologies worth treasuring in your movie collection.

Overall, I feel that this anthology delivers what it describes in the Vimeo page. Besides being perfect for Halloween party movie time, this is a horror anthology that should be watched before Halloween to prepare some of the coolest looking tasty dishes and to get hyped for the Halloween. Like putting your hand down a bag filled with different candies and not knowing what you might find, this anthology will surprise you with its content while you hypnotized by the nostalgic drive-in commercials and 80s music. Highly recommended for all horror fans and the 80s kids should not miss this golden opportunity to relive the glorious era at any cost!

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