6 Days Left to Grab the Musical Horror Comic Masterpiece- The Complete Frank At Home On The Farm (The Scored Edition)!

Your last chance to experience a musical trip to a farm that has talking animals and terrifying war memories….

 Frank at Home on the Farm- The Scored Edition with fan-favorite writing by Jordan Thomasart by Clark Bint, lettering by Lettersquids and now with the score by John Vallely is a unique horror comic reading experience that must be experienced by every horror fan which is a rare opportunity as we don’t always see a well made horror comic combined with a beautiful music. The complete edition (Oversized hardcover collection of the critically acclaimed 4-issue horror series + Glenn Fabry (Preacher) variant edition + B&W edition) launched on August 10th, 2021 on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform (ONLY AVAILABLE till Sat, September 18 2021 10:01 PM UTC +04:00. )!  

The campaign has been successfully funded, so you are guaranteed a reward when you support on the Kickstarter now!


About Frank at Home on the Farm

Frank At Home On The Farm tells the story of a man returning from war to find his family mysteriously missing from their farm. This sets in motion a series of events that claw and tear at Frank’s mind, body, and soul.

Tormented by nightmares of the front line, the mysterious voices that plague him and disturbed by the townsfolk’s lack of knowledge or interest in his family’s whereabouts, Frank becomes more and more isolated on the farm as he tries to uncover where his parents have vanished to… all under the watchful eye of the farm’s animals.

Combining the isolationist horror of The Shining with the body-horror of David Cronenberg and Jacob’s Ladder, the story twists and turns right the way to the end. With every flip of the page you’ll find yourself pulled further into Frank’s nightmare –  imagine Guillermo Del Toro directing an adaption of Animal Farm.

FREE Sample-

Here is a spoiler-free review in which we tell you why you will love this experience!!- Horror Comic Review- Frank at Home on the Farm – The Scored Edition with Music by Composer John Vallely [Kickstarter LIVE Now!!]

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign which was launched on August 10th! (ONLY AVAILABLE till Sat, September 18 2021 10:01 PM UTC +04:00. )

A message for the readers from the composer, John Vallely-

This August 10th THE COMPLETE FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM went live on Kickstarter. This is an oversized hardcover edition, and this special edition also includea a full tailored soundtrack. Basically, we’ve scored all 4 editions, creating a trans-media digital version of the comic. 

Of course music plays a fundamental role in the world of film, particularly in genres such as horror and mystery. Given the unsettling nature of Frank at Home on the Farm, we decided to go ahead and create this scored version. 

Scoring Frank, we have very much remained faithful to the comic art form and let the music simply guide the reader through the story using a combination of pans, zooms and scene transitions. 

This can give moments a sense of scale that couldn’t be replicated on a printed page and can also allow for the reader to be surprised by panels on a given page instead of immediately seeing everything with a given page flip.


Jordan Thomas (@Jordan_J_Thomas) – Writer

  • On the Rise: Frank at Home on the Farm is being published by Scout Comics. Thomas is also the writer of Mugshots / Weird Work and Quarantine. 

Clark Bint (@clarkbintart) – Artist

  • Apart from Frank at Home on the Farm, Clark also is the illustrator for the 3rd edition of Dave Cook’s Killtopia. He has worked as a concept artist, provided game assets and promotional art. 

Lettersquids (@LetterSquids) – Letterer

  • Lettersquids has worked for numerous publishers including Scout Comics, Source Point Press, Action Lab, and Insight Comics.

John Vallely (@VallelyComposer) – Composer

  • The Irish composer is one of the few composers who scores comics. Apart from Frank at Home on the Farm, he has also worked on Tales from the Quarantine and other independent anthologies. 

Special News

There will also be a special limited edition version with a variant cover by the legendary Glenn Fabry!

Kickstarter Campaign page (ONLY AVAILABLE till Sat, September 18 2021 10:01 PM UTC +04:00. )

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Contact the creators:

View the full comic catalogue at ClankBint.com

Jordan J Thomas Twitter

Clark Bint Twitter

Clark Bint FaceBook Page

LetterSquids Work Showcase

Letter Squids Twitter

John Vallely Twitter

John Vallely YouTube

John Vallely Upwork

Samples by Spitfire Audio


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