Frank Martin’s “EMPTY” – A One-shot Comic Review

Plot; Joey wakes alone in an empty city. Now he must find peace in the loneliness before it devours him. For fans of twisted urban thrillers. EMPTY was funded via Kickstarter on September 20th 2019, it ran for a total of 9 days with a goal of $750, finishing with 50 backers and raising $846.... Continue Reading →

“Project Hoax” – Comic Review

What's Project Hoax about? Set in 1994, a group of school kids plan to get their own back on the local bully, but get more than they bargained for when they try to stage a monster hoax.  Who will enjoy Project Hoax?  Comic collectors who are fans of all-ages comics.  Parents/aunties/uncles wanting to give their child/niece/nephew a unique gift. If you... Continue Reading →

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