“Into the Darkness #1” – Comic Review

Into the Darkness Episode 1 starts off with a warning to those about to read the book. However Into the Darkness doesn't act like any normal comic series, instead it's more of a TV Show with 10 Episodes. As it begins, it's already a very cool art style with lettering that even go behind the... Continue Reading →

Alien: Blackout – Disappointing Mobile Game

From a year ago, we first learned from AVPGalaxy.net that the next game could be entitled Alien: Blackout. Excited, as fans patiently waited for more juicy details. Especially learning that FOXNet, did hire Cold Iron Studios to start making the next game. Sadly, yesterday (January 7th 2019), we learned the anticipated¬†Alien: Blackout¬†is nothing more but... Continue Reading →

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