The Conjuring 3 Horror Movie’s Official Plot Revealed!!

The Conjuring 3, one of the most anticipated horror movies in 2020 from the successful James Wan the Conjuring franchise based on the case files of the late paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine¬†Warrens, has just received the official plot through a tweet by the Conjuring Universe official Twitter. Here is the image shared by the... Continue Reading →

The Nun

The Nun is an hour and thirty-six minute long Mystery Thriller film. It made a whopping three hundred an sixty-five point five million dollars in box office with a budget of only twenty-two million. It was released on September 6th, 2018. Directed by Corin Hardy which he also directed the 2015 film The Hollow.... Continue Reading →

The Conjuring Universe community mourns the demise of Lorraine Warren, 1927-2019. (A Tribute to the paranormal investigators- Ed & Lorraine Warren.)

Ed and Lorraine Warren were the famous paranormal investigators and demon hunters. They investigated many cases together and also authored several books on the subject of paranormal investigations. Their investigations also inspired the Conjuring movies, which are widely popular and critically acclaimed. Now, Ed and Lorraine Warren, both are together in Heaven as well, as... Continue Reading →

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